> Kibogora Hospital

Hospital with the New Pediatric Building
New Pediatric Building
Rejoicing over the New Building
Moving In
Dedication Ceramony for Pediatrics
Nurse's Treatment Room
A Friendly Place
Creative Painting
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New Pediatric Building
Valens and his mom
Valerie and her New Wheelchair
Kibogora Doctors
Sick baby and her Mama
Some of the 200 Hospital Staff
Broken Leg
Abscess from an Untreated Ear Infection
Cleft Lip Repair
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
New ICU for Internal Medicine
Latest Building
Newborn Twins
Daily Rounds
Sick Baby
Daily Rounds
Kibogora Hospital
Visiting Surgeon
New Isolation Building
Internal Medicine Building
New Washing Machines
Laundry Building
Pediatrics and the Pharmacy Buildings
Claudine after Surgery
Claudine and a blocked Lymph Duct
Seeing the Dentist
A Typical Hospital Ward
A Thank you gift
Hospital staff and other guests for the dedication
Wating for the Ceremony to begin
Singing and Dancing as Visitors Arrive
Pastor Wakana visiting with patients
A Preemie and a hat made by a woman in the USA
Physical Therapy
Women's Ward in Internal Medicine
The new HIV building