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This is an album of pictures of my work. I am a registered nurse working at Kibogora Hospital in Rwanda, Africa since 2007. In 2012 the hospital administration team asked me to partner with the neonatal nursing team to decrease the infant mortality rate at the hospital. Through bedside nursing and nursing education over the past four years we have been working together to improve the quality of care the babies receive. We have reduced the infant mortality rate from 9.6% to 5.4% and have reduced the length of stay for most infants. I have loved working with the nurses, mothers, and babies and watching hope spring up in the community that if they bring a sick or premature baby to the hospital there is a very good chance the baby will go home well. It has been amazing to watch good nursing techniques and God performing miracles making a difference in our small corner of the world!

Kibogora Hospital Campus
"Boss" and I
Neonatal Department
Neonatal Department
Today what the Neonatal Department Looks Like
Follow-Up Appointments
Babies Come to Us for Many Reasons
Other Reasons for Admission
Kangaroo Mother Care
Kangaroo Mother Care